About Us

UniFresh Processors began with the Haddad family’s involvement in the ownership of a fruit and vegetable retail store. Whilst running this successful retail store, they also branched out to include the selling of wholesale fruit and vegetables to various companies around Adelaide. At this time, there was a trend in the market that required processed vegetables. From this interest, the Haddad family invested in equipment to process vegetables.

One bag evolved into two and within one year they developed a purpose built processing plant to cater for an expanding industry. Employing a chef and a delivery driver, UniFresh started trading in February 2000. Soon after the business found it’s feet, expansion was inevitable and by the end of  the year 2000 UniFresh had sixteen employees.

By the end of 2003 UniFresh found themselves in a position to take over a rival company to further their expansion. Today UniFresh employs over fifty staff and supplies every state in Australia with fresh cut fruit and vegetable products.

UniFresh’s expansion is a result of being able to work with clients at floor level, listening and understanding the vital needs of clients and being able to adapt their processes to gain complete customer satisfaction. With this attitude UniFresh has been able to attract a wide range of clients.

UniFresh’s strength is showing a commitment and belief in their company that encourages and builds confidence within their clients.